1966 Corvair Corsa - It's Alive!

After almost 5 years of rebuilding and modifying the air cooled flat six boxer style engine it is ready to fire.


What's that strange noise coming from the back of the car :)

 FINALLY - the car moves under it's own power for the first time in 26 years. Paint and body is still factory original for now.

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Interior is mainly original, stereo in back seat is temporary

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The motor is ......uh......somewhat modified!

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Before                 After

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At it's first car show in Orillia ON

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For the full story on this car click here  Corvair Page  

Kim Stankiewicz, a Corvair enthusiast, purchased this car from me and did a full concours restoration on it, scoring 97 out of 100 when judged at the Corvair national convention. It's now totally stock again.

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In turn, 10 years later Kim sold me this 65 Corvair Corsa convertible from California, which he has modified in much the same manor as my 66 when he bought it from me.

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