1965 Corvair Corsa Convertible


My first car was a 65 Corvair Corsa so this was inevitable!

It's a California car imported into Canada in 2008 by a Corvair enthusiast who completely rebuilt the suspension and powertrain. The paint and interior are unchanged from 2008. The wheels were upgraded from 13" to 15" BBS aluminum rims.

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The turbocharged engine however has been modified for a bit more power with dual blow through carbs, an adjustable boost waste gate, CoolingMist 200 psi alcohol/water injection (the windshield washer bottle has been dual purposed as the reservoir)  and a Safeguard ignition box with individual cylinder knock detection to control the timing.

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The exhaust and turbo have been ceramic coated while a deeper oil pan and finned rocker covers help with the cooling.

Ironically, I purchased this car from the person who still owns my last Corvair - which you can see here. 

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