Intake Manifold Modification

In the quest for good air flow on the intake, but still have the stock height to enable the factory air cleaner to be used, I had to sacrifice an original 1971 455 HO aluminum intake manifold to achieve my goal.

The surgery was performed by   and here's what was involved.

Top before and after
 Factory-Top.jpg (131398 bytes) SD-Plenum-1.jpg (129093 bytes)

Bottom before and after
Factory-Bottom.jpg (147855 bytes)
SD-Bottom.jpg (114563 bytes)

 Intake ports before and after
Factory-Ports.jpg (103943 bytes)
SD-Ports-2.jpg (94442 bytes)

Port match to the SD modified Edelbrock 72cc heads with high ports
SD-Port-Match.jpg (98952 bytes)
HO2-5.JPG (123941 bytes)

Intake runners before and after - the CNC work goes right to the plenum
HO-runner-ports-1.jpg (110760 bytes)
SD-runner-ports.jpg (106450 bytes)

 Intake flange & plenum modifications
SD-Top.jpg (119352 bytes)
SD-Plenum-2.jpg (105883 bytes) SD-Plenum-3.jpg (122604 bytes) SD-Plenum-4.jpg (97304 bytes)

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