The Bikes


 I've had bikes for almost 60 years, starting with a 1964 Suzuki 80cc. Here's a photo of it with it's original owner John Hiemstra

64 Suzuki 80.jpg (34199 bytes)

I was now hooked on 2 wheeled vehicles :)

Memorable ones were the 64 Suzuki 80 (first bike),  66 Suzuki X6 Hustler (first fast bike),  72 Honda 750 (first 4 cylinder bike) several more Hondas and the 78 Suzuki GS1000E - which I still have. The GS1000 was the fastest production bike you could buy that year, but it wasn't long before it ended up at Rocket Performance in Toronto, heads ported and polished, crank trued and welded, Yoshimura 1100cc kit with Mikuni smooth bore carbs and a Kerker exhaust. It took home a lot of silverware from the drag strips around southern Ontario.

78-Suzuki-GS1000.jpg (44259 bytes)

The Suzuki and I had a "falling out" in 1983, I rebuilt it as a touring bike but it still has the Yosh kit in it - pretty quick for a tourer!

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The Other Bikes

73-Honda-CB750.jpg (40183 bytes)  74 Suzuki.jpg (37147 bytes)  75-Goldwing-GL1000.jpg (29943 bytes)  76-Honda-750-SS.jpg (51120 bytes)  76-Honda-750-SS-2.jpg (34585 bytes)  77-Honda-750-SS.jpg (56339 bytes)  77-Honda-SS-2.jpg (67150 bytes)  CT70-1.jpg (144180 bytes)

The Ones I Have Now

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Almost a bike

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